Domestic Violence Protective Order

A Domestic Violence Protective Order, often called a “DVPO” or a “50B order,” is a court order that requires a perpetrator of domestic violence to stay away from the victim. Law enforcement can arrest the perpetrator on the spot for violating the order. In North Carolina, a “permanent” DVPO can last for up to one year, but can be renewed for up to two years at a time.


Victims of domestic violence are now able to electronically file a Domestic Violence Protective Order Application at The Phoenix Center.  Victims can complete and file an order of protection and have the case heard before a judge via video-conference from the comfort of our office. There are advocates available to help with any questions you may have and walk you through the process. If you have children you are welcome to bring them along. Non-domestic violence orders (50C) must be done at the Courthouse.

We also offer courtroom advocacy to the following court date. If you have any questions regarding a 50B restraining order or the court process, please contact an advocate at 910-485-7273.

Who qualifies for a 50B DVPO?

Spouse/ Former Spouse

Living or Have Lived Together

Child in Common

Parent or Grandparent

Current or Former Household Members

Dating or Have Dated Before

Where else can I go to file a DVPO?

Safelink Room 340, 3rd Floor at the Courthouse, 117 Dick St, Fayetteville, NC 28301 910-475-3069

Hope Mills Police Dept (Monday, Wednesday Friday 8am-12:30pm), 5788 Rockfish Rd Hope Mills, NC 28348  910-425-4103

The Phoenix Center(Monday-Friday 8am-12:30pm),519 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28305 910-485-7273

Fayetteville Police Department Cross Creek Substation(Tuesday and Thursday 8am-12pm),6147 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville,NC  910-433-1529

Magistrate (24/7) located at the Detention Center, 204 Gillespie St, Fayetteville, NC 28301

Are there lawyers that assist Domestic Violence victims?

Yes, Legal Aid. (910)483-0400, Office Hours Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm

What is an emergency order called?

An Ex-Parte. If an Ex-Parte is granted, the order will go into effect immediately after the defendant is served the DVPO paperwork. The Ex-Parte will remain in effect during the entire court process unless you choose to voluntarily dismiss it.

What happens if I'm not granted an Ex-Parte order?

If the Ex-Parte is not granted you will still receive a court date, usually 7-10 days after you filed. At the court date or at ones following you can speak to the judge about why you need a permanent order against the defendant. If the harassment continues after you filed and weren't granted your Ex-Parte, you have the right to file again and see if you are granted an emergency order.

Where can I go for shelter?

Call the Care Center, (910)677-2532 or call the Phoenix Center for a list of other shelter options.

Who can I call with questions about getting the defendant served?

Call CCSO, (910)323-1500

I was awarded an Ex-Parte and they are continuing to violate it, what do I do?

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger or go to the magistrate and report the DVPO violation