Rape Crisis Sensitivity Training

January 28th & February 4th, 2023| 8am-5pm | FTCC Continuing Ed Center

This course is designed to increase awareness in the community of rape and its effects on the victim and society. You will learn advocacy techniques that are used to help sexual assault victims. We will also cover medical, law enforcement, Intimate Partner Violence Protective Orders (eFiling) and legal procedures. Those interested in becoming a volunteer victim advocate will also spend 4 hours at RCCC learning about our organization and policies. Cost is $20.

FTCC Webadvisor Enrollment Link

Support Group

Tuesday Twice a month | 2:30 pm | The Phoenix Center

This support group is for women survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Our support group meets two Tuesdays a month at 2:30pm here at the Phoenix Center. Give us a call to find out when the next group will meet! Call 910-485-7273 for more information.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives.

Walk Awhile In Their Shoes

March 25th, 2022 6pm-8pm

Downtown Fayetteville

For more information visit the event page on our Facebook with the link below, you can also call 910-485-7273!