Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County offers FREE, confidential services to any person whose life has been effected by sexual violence. 


  • 24-hour Crisis Hotline
  • 24-hour Emergency room responders
  • Counseling
  • Support Groups
  • Court Room Advocacy
  • Community Awareness
  • Address Confidentiality Program

The 24-hour crisis hotline can be used by anyone that has been effected by sexual violence.  It is used to discuss your feelings, concerns, and ask any questions you may be having. 

The 24-hour emergency room responders  meet victims at the hospital to support them during the exam process.  We also inform victims of all their reporting options as well as provide resources.

Counseling services are offered by a Licensed Professional and are provided to any family member effected by the assault.  Please contact the agency for more information and to schedule a counseling intake.

Support Groups are provided to female victims over the age of 18.  The group meets once per week on Tuesdays at 5:30pm and allows women of trauma to discuss the issues they may be facing.  Please call the Agency for more information regarding meetings and locations.

Court Room Advocacy is provided during the trial process.  An advocate will accompany the victim during any stage of the legal process to support them and inform them of all their rights.

Community Awareness is provided to any agency and age range that would like more information about safety, statistics, resources, and sexual abuse.

The North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program is administered by the North Carolina Attorney General's Office. ACP provides relocated victims of domestic violence, sexual offence, stalking or human trafficking with a substitute address to use in place of their actual address.The goal of ACP is to prevent an assailant or potential assailant from finding the location of a victim through the state's public records.


Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County is always interested in providing new services and knowing what the clients want to see. Please email RCVCC at or call 485-7273 to suggest a service/program that you would like us to establish.