Your role at RCCC is essential to our success. Each day people from our community turn to RCCC at their most desperate times of crisis. Often, they are emotionally drained. They will tell you their stories, express their desires and need your support. The responsibility that you have as a volunteer is that each person that reaches out for our services is shown compassion and understanding. When a victim has the courage to ask for help, this agency must be prepared to support and help.  Each victim is deserving of a thoughtful confidant and an advocate who will help them find their own voice. We are always looking for more volunteers and could use your help! 

Volunteer Opportunities

Answering the 24-hour Crisis Line after office hours
Responding to Emergency Room calls
Assisting victims during the Legal Process
Participating in Community Awareness
Assisting with Support Groups

In order to work with victims, volunteers must attend a state mandated 20-hour training class, and submit a background check. If you are interested in assisted with fundraising or community awareness (and not directly with victims), you do not have to attend the 20 hour training.  While these are RCCC primary volunteer opportunities, there are many other chances to get involved with our agency. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please email: admin@rapecrisisonline.org

The next Rape Crisis Sensitivity training: January 25th & February 1st, from 8am-5pm at FTCC